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Step 1 — Create account
Step 2 — Enter students details
Step 3 — Choose student & classes
Step 4 — Choose payment option
Step 5 — Show up to class


Step 1 — Create an account

Unlimited Classes

If you are new to Swarm Studios, sign up now and receive a whole week of classes for free. You can try as many classes as you like! We have a variety of different ages, styles and levels, so we want you to find the class or classes that suit you best.

Enter your details here and you will receive a confirmation email with your UNLIMITED CLASS PASS. Show this email to our sign in desk to trial whatever classes you would like for that week completely for free.

Step 1 —

This will be your main account here at Swarm Studios! The main contact person or parent’s details would be best for this section!


Enter the same password again, for verification.